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Crip Mac, an American rapper, gained recognition for his music such as “Opp Goblin,” “This 55th Street,” and “Big Amount.”
Originally from Texas, he later moved to the west side of South Central LA and joined the Crips, a local gang, resulting in him serving a significant amount of time in prison.
While incarcerated, he began writing songs out of boredom.
Known for his music and kindness, Crip Mac gained even more attention after a gang member beat him up, a form of disciplinary punishment called “DP”.
The incident occurred after an old Facebook post of the rapper resurfaced, where he claimed to be a member of a different gang.

Basic Information

Full NameCrip Mac
Date of Birth20 February 1993
Age30 years
Place of BirthNot disclosed

Physical Stats

Height6 feet
Weight185 pounds
Body MeasurementsNot known
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
TattoosNot known
Shoe SizeNot known

Family Relationships

Marital StatusUnmarried
Sexual OrientationStraight


Lupe, Mac’s girlfriend, is also a member of the Crips gang, despite being of Mexican descent rather than African American like Mac.
Although they initially remained friends after meeting, Mac developed feelings for Lupe from the outset. Eventually, they decided to give a romantic relationship a chance, and things have progressed well since then.
During a shared trip on a yacht in April, Mac proposed to Lupe, and she accepted. However, they have not yet determined when they will tie the knot.

Early Life

Crip Mac, originally from California, spent a few years of his life living in Houston, Texas. While in Houston, he attended Alief Elsik High School, which was also attended and graduated from by the famous singer, Beyonce.
After making a tough decision, Crip Mac left college to return to Los Angeles to be with his family. It was there that he eventually became a member of the 50s Crip gang and became involved in their activities.
Although Crip Mac had a passion for rap, he initially pursued football as a child and only began his career in rap later in life.
However, he has since gained popularity on YouTube, where he conducts interviews and uploads films about his cat. This YouTube channel served as his gateway to public attention.
Crip Mac has released several successful albums, including “Western Wriggle” and “Never Commit Suicide,” which have topped the charts.

Career Information

Debut 2009
Years Active2009-Present
Popular SongsCrazy , Never Commit Suicide , Hatred & Sin , and 5Night Fuhk.

After relocating to 55th Street in Los Angeles, Mac became a member of the Crips gang. However, his involvement in the gang eventually led to several stints in prison.
During one of his prison terms, Mac found himself writing songs to pass the time, which ultimately became the catalyst for his career as a rapper.
Upon his release, Mac began releasing his music, which was met with critical acclaim due to its originality and positive message.
He has since become a successful rapper, both because of his music and his kindness toward his community, earning the respect and admiration of many.
Prior to his success in the music industry, Mac worked as a mechanic’s assistant. However, his passion for music eventually took precedence, and he pursued a full-time career as a rapper.
Mac has released several hit songs over the years and continues to work on creating new music, inspired by the support and love of his fans.
In 2022, he launched a new album named “5Mous,” which features several notable tracks, including “5 on it,” “Bluetiful,” “Pushing C’s,” and “Ride on Emm.”
The album has been well-received and is a testament to Mac’s continued success in the music industry.

Net Worth and Income

Net Worth$1 Million
Monthly SalaryNot Known
Sources of IncomeSongs and his clothing line

Despite coming from a rough neighbourhood and being a member of a gang, Mac has become a well-known and respected rapper, thanks to his exceptional music.
His fans are drawn to his unique style and message, and their unwavering support has enabled him to lead a comfortable lifestyle.
As a rapper, Mac has been able to accumulate a net worth of approximately $1 million, primarily due to the success of his music.
His songs on YouTube have garnered millions of views, and he currently has over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.
Mac also earns money from shows and interviews. He has stated on his Twitter account that he typically charges between $800 and $1,000 for interviews. For Zoom interviews, he charges $200.
In addition to his music career, Mac has branched out into the fashion industry. In 2021, he launched his own clothing line, “Ratfood,” which features a variety of trendy and stylish designs.

Interesting facts and Trivia

  • Crip Mac was born in California and spent some time in Houston, Texas before settling in Los Angeles, where he became a member of the Crips gang.
  • While in prison, Crip Mac began writing songs as a way to pass the time, which ultimately led to his career as a rapper.
  • Despite being associated with gang activity, Crip Mac’s music carries a positive message and promotes unity within communities.
  • Crip Mac’s YouTube channel features not only his music but also interviews with fellow rappers and content related to his pet cat.
  • In addition to his music career, Crip Mac has also worked as a mechanic’s assistant.
  • Crip Mac’s album “Never Commit Suicide” reached the top of the charts and received critical acclaim for its unique sound and message.
  • Crip Mac charges a fee for interviews and has stated that he typically charges between $800 and $1,000 for in-person interviews and $200 for Zoom interviews.
  • In 2021, Crip Mac launched his own clothing line, “Ratfood,” which features a variety of stylish designs.
  • Crip Mac’s fans appreciate his authenticity and message, which has helped him gain a significant following and achieve success as a rapper.
  • Crip Mac continues to create new music and is always looking for ways to give back to his community, demonstrating his commitment to using his platform for positive change.
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