Ms. Rachel

If you have a toddler or a preschooler who loves music and learning, you might have heard of Ms. Rachel, the star of the YouTube series Songs for Littles.
Ms. Rachel is a New York City preschool teacher turned YouTube and TikTok sensation who creates educational videos and songs for young children with a focus on language development.
She has over three million subscribers on YouTube and over two and a half million followers on TikTok as of 2023.
But who is Ms. Rachel and how did she become one of the most popular online educators for young children?
Here is everything you need to know about Ms. Rachel and her amazing career.

Basic Information

Full NameRachel Griffin Accurso
Date of BirthNovember 8, 1980
Current Age43 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California
Zodiac signScorpio

Physical Stats

Body Measurements
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Past & Current Relationships

Ms. Rachel is married to Aron Accurso, a Broadway music director and composer who also works on Songs for Littles as a co-writer, arranger, and puppeteer.
They have a son named Thomas, who inspired Ms. Rachel to start her YouTube channel after he was diagnosed with a speech delay.
Ms. Rachel also collaborates with a diverse team of cast and crew members on Songs for Littles, including actress and teacher Keisha Gilles, diversity and inclusion consultant Alexa Smith, speech therapist Frida Matute, animator and editor Beth Jean, singer-songwriter Jules Hoffman, and actress Natalie Kaye Clater.

Early Life & Education

SiblingsNot found
Marital StatusMarried
LoversAron Accurso (husband)
Sexual Orientation

Ms. Rachel’s real name is Rachel Griffin Accurso and she was born in Biddeford, Maine in 1982 or 1983.
Growing up in Sanford, Maine, she attended Sanford High School where she nurtured her passion for theatre.
Later, she pursued higher education at the University of Southern Maine and earned a master’s degree in music education from New York University.
Following her academic achievements, Ms. Rachel embarked on a career as a music teacher at a public preschool in New York City. However, her journey took a new direction when she started her YouTube channel.
As of 2023, Ms. Rachel continues to pursue her passion for education and is currently working towards a second master’s degree in early childhood education.
Through her channel and academic pursuits, she aims to inspire and educate her audience on various topics related to music, early childhood education, and more.


Years ActiveNot found

Ms. Rachel started her YouTube channel in 2019 under the name Ms. Rachel with her husband, Aron Accurso, who is a Broadway music director and composer.
They created Songs for Littles, a children’s music series that focuses on language development for toddlers and infants.
The series was inspired by their son, Thomas, who had a speech delay and did not say his first word until he was two years old.
Ms. Rachel wanted to help her son and other children like him by using songs and activities that were based on the techniques of his speech therapist.
Songs for Littles features Ms. Rachel as the star, with her signature outfit of a pink shirt with overalls and a headband, along with diverse cast and crew members who are experts in different fields such as speech therapy, diversity and inclusion, animation, and singing. The series includes classic children’s songs such as nursery rhymes, as well as original songs written by Ms. Rachel and her husband. The songs cover various topics such as letters, numbers, colors, animal sounds, emotions, opposites, and more. The series also promotes inclusivity and diversity by featuring different languages, cultures, abilities, and identities.
Songs for Littles became very popular starting in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many parents were looking for online resources to keep their children entertained and educated at home. As of 2023, the channel has over three million subscribers and over two billion views. Ms. Rachel has also won several awards for her work, such as the Parents’ Choice Gold Award in 2022.
Ms. Rachel is not only a YouTube star but also a TikTok sensation.
She has over two and a half million followers on TikTok as of March 2023, where she posts short videos of herself singing and dancing with her son and her puppets Georgie and Herbie.
She also uses TikTok to interact with her fans and answer their questions about her life and her work.
Ms. Rachel is a passionate educator who loves to share her joy of music and learning with children around the world.
She is an inspiration to many parents and teachers who appreciate her positive energy and her creative approach to teaching.
She is also a role model for many children who look up to her as a friend and a mentor.

Net worth and Income

Net Worth$10 million
Sources of Income

Ms. Rachel’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2022. Her main source of income is from her YouTube channel Songs for Littles, which earns revenue from ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and donations from fans.
She also earns money from her TikTok account, where she has partnered with brands such as Target and Fisher-Price.
Ms. Rachel’s income is likely to increase in the future as her popularity grows and she expands her online presence.
She has plans to create more content for different platforms such as Instagram and Spotify.
She also hopes to write a book about her experience as a mother and an educator.
Ms. Rachel is not only rich in money but also rich in love.
She lives in New York City with her husband Aron Accurso, who supports her in every way possible.
They also have two pets: a dog named Georgie (who inspired one of the puppets on Songs for Littles) and a cat named Herbie (who inspired the other puppet).

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